The gospel of Eternal Iteration. Chapter 1, Verse 1.

There’s this really famous quote that’s almost cliche at this point but I’ve found it to be one of the most important guiding principles of my product design career. 

It goes like this,

“Nobody wants your f*cking quarter-inch drill, they just need a quarter-inch hole.”

That’s Theodore Levitt’s quote, he didn’t exactly say it that way though lol.

Truth is users, customers, buyers, whatever you call them, are loyal first to their needs. Whichever product meets these needs the best will be the preferred option. Absolute no brainer. Yet quite a lot of folks miss this.

Human needs are insatiable, this is an established fact, thing is this is both good news and bad news.

As a business, this means that for as long as you can satisfy your user’s needs they will forever keep coming back.

The bad news is the exact same thing, the very fact that people’s needs never end and exponentially grow in both quantity and quality demanded means you will have to eternally be up to par.

The big question now is how to pull this off. How do you forever stay up to par when your user’s needs are forever evolving. Simple. You continually evolve too.

Eternal Iteration.

Boldly on my website is my mantra. Understand, Design, Iterate. 

That’s the entire process in three words. Just rinse and repeat. 

Your company likely holds design in high regard, or not, you’ve likely all gone through the research and understanding process thoroughly, or not, and now you’ve built stunning design based on insights gathered from the previous stage… or not, and now you’ve launched.

The point is even if you’ve flopped in all of the previous stages, an eternal commitment to continually iterating to better serve your users will go a long way in getting you closer to the perfection you aim for. This is the gospel of eternal iteration.

There’s this quote one of my mentors always pandered on about,

“speed trumps perfection, but aim to find the balance in-between”

In today’s world, things happen at near lightning speed, products come up. Some die, some survive. Trends come. Some survive, some die. It is what it is, it’s a cut-throat survival of the fittest arena where users pick who lives and who dies based on how much you satisfy their needs.

This is why, now more than ever before, the gospel of eternal Iteration must be preached far and wide. Because no matter how much time you spend researching, building and fine-tuning your product before launch, there will always be iterations that can be made to better it after launch, sometimes in little ways, and quite often in massive ways.

The summary of all of this is instead of dying on the hill of working to ensure perfection before launch, which will never happen, build it the best you can, launch and then roll up your sleeves in preparation for the new task.

Iterate till the end. Iterate or risk ending. Have a nice day folks.

My name’s Daniel Fransix

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